UK Shielding.

 Radiological imaging

maintenance to improve patient care -
and cost effectiveness

In today’s healthcare industry, minimising patient downtime is vital. Which means it’s essential that scanners and other radiological equipment remain up and running. At the same time, healthcare providers are under ever-increasing pressure to control or cut even costs. And this means avoiding bills for expensive mobile replacements if front-line equipment does go down.

What to do? Consider maintenance services from UK Shielding. Backed by over 20 years’ experience in the radiological industry, UK Shielding offers a comprehensive survey and on-going maintenance service for radiological equipment including MRI scanners and CT scanners.

The benefits are very significant in terms of reduced downtime, improved patient care, extended equipment life plus savings in revenue lost through equipment failure. What’s more, the service is available to all medical imaging departments in the UK and Ireland.

Read some more details on this website, then contact UK Shielding to discuss how we can meet your radiological department’s needs.